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So after last years family trip to Prague this year we wanted the same but different!

Looking to the south and east of Prague threw up a few options but ultimately we settled on the Hungarian capital city of Budapest.

Looking through the guidebook, in a lot of respects it looks very similar to Prague straddling a large river (in this case the Danube) with the newer town on one side and the older town (complete with castle on the hill) on the other and lots of pretty bridges.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Budapest and I mention this only because our hotel room had the finest view I have ever seen out of a hotel room window.

With our hotel right in the middle of everything we had 3 days to explore and discover so the following morning we were up and away not knowing quite what we would find because after weeks of planning, I left the guide book on the sofa back home.

Whilst we did do a lot of walking we eventually figured out the public transport which is a mixture of an underground metro system, a tram system, a funicular railway and a cog railway and as I always like to do, we used the funicular to get up high to the castle area to enjoy some amazing views

Over the 3 days we did visit a few museums and sights. Most noticeable were the transport museum which is next to the city park (itself worth a visit) and the House of Terror.

Sam also got to tuck into gallons and gallons of his favourite dish…. Goulash!

But it was after dark that the city really took on a very different feel. This really is a very pretty city.

So after 4 days, we are now back home. Fully of beer and goulash and with very tired feet.

Budapest is a very pretty city and has an interesting culture and a long and variable history however we won’t be hurrying back. We found the city to be too spread out. Everything seemed to require a couple of changes on the trams or metro and lots of walking and whilst the weather was great and the city was clean, you spent far too much time in transit and to be honest, the city between the sights is nothing special

We also felt that the city was not as welcoming to tourists as say Prague is but on the flip side we also found that the street sellers and homeless people were not in your face and kept their distance. On top of this, we always felt safe. This is after all a modern city.

If you get the chance to go, then do so. It one of those places that does need to be visited but once is probably enough.

So here is a selection of images from the trip however all my photos (and there are a lot more than just these here) are available HERE on my photo album as usual.

Thanks for looking.


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