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New Toy Time

You may have been following my other blog HERE and the long running build quality issues I have had with my Mercedes-Benz C350 that I bought last year.

So eventually somebody saw sense and the dealer did the right thing and the Mercedes was handed back. It was however all rather short notice in the end so I found myself car shopping with little or no research looking for something that would make a good family car, be fun to drive and own, would not rattle and was available pretty much from stock, all without costing me any more per month to own and run than I was previously paying.

So after far too much time spent sitting in car dealers last week, I have taken delivery of probably the least likely car I could have ever ended up with.

So it’s an Audi A7 Quattro which means it is rather large, very quick and might actually make it off the drive this winter if it snows.

It is also fully loaded with toys including top end multimedia with Bose speakers, head up display, full online services including Google Earth, fancy lights, powered everything and more menu options on the dashboard than even Captain Kirk had to deal with.

It’s also very quick and very quiet.

So here are a few more pictures and I will report back in a few weeks on how well it is doing.


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