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About Me


In my early 40s, I live with my family (Teresa and Sam) in a sleepy little market town out on the Lincolnshire Fens.

We are a pretty normal (!) family and enjoy all the usual days out and family things.

We all love to travel and see new places however I am the lucky one as my job can mean lots of travel at times. The downside being that I am more likely to travel to Slough than San Francisco but hey, such is life.


I work for the worlds second largest telecommunications company (China Telecom is the biggest) and I spend all day designing very large hosted platforms that support our clients businesses.

I don’t have the luxury to specialise as it is about using the right technology for the job.

I am in a great position as I actually have the opportunity to be at the leading edge of the industry and am able to use all the cool (and often expensive) new toys that the vendors keep launching. Having said all of that I will not use technology for technologies sake.

Current challenges are all around clouds. Far too much hype and no substance. Everybody wants one but nobody is quite sure what one is. Add to this some significant security challenges in the public sector space around shared infrastructure both at a political level and a technical one and it is easy to see why central government is struggling to jump on the cloud band wagon.

Personally I believe that what government wants is services but all their suppliers are telling them they want clouds. Ho hum.


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