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In my early 40s, I live with my family (Teresa and Sam) in a sleepy little market town out on the Lincolnshire Fens.

We are a pretty normal (!) family and we all love to travel and see new places however I am the lucky one as my job can mean lots of travel at times. The downside being that I am more likely to travel to Slough than San Francisco but hey, such is life.


I work for the worlds second largest telecommunications company (China Telecom is the biggest) and I spend all day designing very large hosted platforms that support our clients businesses. You could argue that I am one of the people designing and building the cloud that everybody else is talking about.

I don’t claim too many specialisms as my customers expect me to know everything about everything however I do get to deploy the latest toys and am constantly working on using new technology to solve my clients problems.


A big part of this blog is about travel.

When I travel on business I am your typical road warrior in his company car with his Thinkpad laptop staying in your typical business hotel whilst touting a corporate credit card linked to an expenses account. Because of this, you will find me spending lots of time in hotels such as Holiday Inn and Hilton.

The plus side to all this corporate travel is reward points and plenty of them which in turn makes family travel much better. It’s always easier to have a quick weekend getaway with an overnight stop or even a long weekend in Prague when the hotel is free because you can get it using reward points. I do make a point of being a member of every loyalty scheme there is so that all my bases are covered be it hotels, flights or fuel.



Hello I'm Mark and welcome to my personal blog.

I travel a lot both for business and pleasure, often on my own but also with my family whenever I can.

I really do enjoy taking photos when I travel but would still consider myself a traveller first and a photographer second

I suppose you could think of this as a travel blog but it's more than that. It's really a place for me to share my experiences and thoughts on just about anything.

Considering I work in IT and telecommunications I have an unhealthy interest in technology and gadgets and all things tech related. I also like my cars so expect plenty on non travel stuff to be included as well.

So the words are my own (not my employers) so have a look around and please feel free to leave a comment or Two

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