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Apple Hasn’t Killed The Hard Drive Market Just Yet

There has been a lot of talk in the press this week about the new Apple iCloud announced at the Apple WWDC.

But it is this article in the Register that prompted me to comment.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?

Now this article goes on about how if all your documents, music, contacts etc etc etc are in the iCloud, you won’t need terabytes of local storage thus the comment about the demise of the hard drive market. Continue reading Apple Hasn’t Killed The Hard Drive Market Just Yet

Apparently, Apples can’t get a virus

I can’t believe they are still pushing this nonsense.

Even after they have just discovered a huge Mac based bot net and even though the number of viruses for Macs is growing by the day, they still push ads like these.

Remember, if you have a Mac, you still need to protect yourself. There is a reason why the AV vendors make products for you to.