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Insync : Another GDrive Pretender?

The mythical GDrive! There has been talk of such a thing coming to Google Docs for many years. Indeed at one point Google admitted they had such a thing days away from launch before deciding that the future of document storage didn’t revolve around the legacy drive and folder structures anymore and was killed off.

Even today, there are many who claim that Google have again revived GDrive and that once again it will be with us in a matter of weeks. To be honest, your guess is as good as mine.

Which brings us to a neat service called Insync. Continue reading Insync : Another GDrive Pretender?

This is THE game changer for Google Docs

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Google Docs however I have to admit from time to time, it can be a little clunky. In my opinion, the one area it has always fallen short is the whole document or file upload capability.

Well today this changed and Google have introduced two game changing features to Docs.

Firstly you can now upload FOLDERS!


That’s right, you can select a folder and everything inside it (including sub folders) will be uploaded as is. Straight away, this makes moving your legacy file system to the online world sooooo much easier.

Secondly, assuming you are using a browser that supports HTML5 such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can now drag and drop files straight into the browser window and they will upload. No dialogue boxes, no file explorer prompts, just select the collection you want to upload into and drag the file into the window. Job done.

For me this has now solved what was the only real failing within Docs and I suspect will see me moving to Docs as my PRIMARY personal document repository over the next few weeks. Even upgrading to 20GB of extra storage is only going to cost me $5 so it’s not as if space is an issue.

Full details can be found over on the Google Docs Blog