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So after last years family trip to Prague this year we wanted the same but different!

Looking to the south and east of Prague threw up a few options but ultimately we settled on the Hungarian capital city of Budapest.

Looking through the guidebook, in a lot of respects it looks very similar to Prague straddling a large river (in this case the Danube) with the newer town on one side and the older town (complete with castle on the hill) on the other and lots of pretty bridges.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Budapest and I mention this only because our hotel room had the finest view I have ever seen out of a hotel room window.

With our hotel right in the middle of everything we had 3 days to explore and discover so the following morning we were up and away not knowing quite what we would find because after weeks of planning, I left the guide book on the sofa back home. Read more

Beside the seaside! Beside the sea!

On Friday afternoon I was on the tube heading out of Hammersmith when a guy got on holding a bag of chips wrapped in newspaper and by the smell, I am guessing they had been smothered with vinegar and salt.

The smell that filled the entire train was just AMAZING and you could tell that everybody on the train was now envious of this highly unhealthy but mouth-wateringly delicious food.

Skip forward 24 hours and it’s a Saturday morning in January. It is a clear and sunny but very cold day. What are we going to do today?

My mind wandered back to the man with the chips. The thought of chips led my imagination to thoughts of sitting at the end of the pier eating chips from a newspaper because chips (and fish) always taste better at the seaside. Indeed the very smell conjures up images of beaches, amusement arcades and so on.

We’re going to the seaside!

Right now! Read more

2012–Looking Forwards

If you have read my post regarding 2011 then you will know, most things turned out well and I managed to tick off most of the stuff I wanted to do.

So now we are into 2012 and it’s time to look ahead and set some goals.

Read more

2011 – Well?

So back in January I blogged These are not my New Years resolutions and set out what I wanted to achieve and see in the coming 12 months and here we are at the end of 2011 so lets have a look at how the year turned out.

Read more

Evergreens Miniature Railway

So it’s New Years day and my sister suggests a trip to the miniature railway at Stickney in Lincolnshire five minutes away from where she lives.

It was a bit cold and rather grey but what was surprising was the number of people there both visitors and enthusiasts.

So as you can see from the pictures, there are a loads of sit on trains in action suitable for all ages and once you have paid your £5 admittance (for 2 adults and 2 children) you can ride all day.

So leaving the cold aside, there was hours of fun to be had, the kids were happy and it was time to go home all too soon. For a fiver, I can’t think of a better value day out.

For more info, Evergreens website can be found here





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