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Reloading My Cloud – Replacing Mozy

In my last posting I discussed how Mozy had changed their game plan in light of what are clear financial difficulties that they are facing into and how my renewal cost is going to jump from  $100 to $528!

Now I use Mozy as a secondary backup. I have a server sitting in the corner of my office and all the PCs in the house backup up to that on a daily basis. This protects me against events such as hard drive failures, accidental deletion of files and so on.

What it does not protect me from however is events such as theft, fire or flood. In these types of event, the chances are that if my home PC were destroyed or lost, my server doing the backups would suffer the same fate. It is for this reason off site backup is essential for both businesses and individuals.

So this is where Mozy came in.

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Why did Mozy just pull the cloud out from under my feet?

Over the years, I have gathered a lot of data on my home computer. Digital photos, my music collection, all those letters I have sent.

At the same time I have been faced with managing the storage of this data.

Buying bigger hard drives is the easy bit. Easy to fit and cheap to buy. But backup is a whole different story.

At first you would back up your data to a floppy disk, then a CD ROM, then a DVD but today removable media isn’t up to the task anymore so the only option is spinning disk.

So on the other side of my home office I have a server with a substantial amount of storage and each night all my other machines backup to that. This provides protection against hard drive failure (yes it has happened to me on more than one occasion) accidental deletion but it provided little or no protection against fire, flood or theft.

For the last 3 years I have been using an online backup service from Mozy. For less than $60 a year I could backup ALL my data to the Mozy platform so that in the event of a total loss at home, I would have a way to recover. At $60  year, I know this is a lot for some home users but the thought of loosing a decades worth of media seems like money well spent.

Besides the Mozy service works really well and does exactly what it says on the tin.

But today I got an email from Mozy.

Things are changing.

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