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Look at the beauty you can create when you join up the online world

I am a big fan of TED because of some of the truly inspirational speakers you can find there. Indeed once you have found it, you will spend many hours watching people who you may never have heard about before speaking on subjects you have never had an interest in before.

So here is one such inspirational talk that made me stop dead on a Sunday afternoon.

Eric Whitacre is a composer. Have a look at his website and see the sort of thing he does however it was his talk on TED that caught my attention.

Simply put, over 2000 people from all around the world have recorded their own part of Erics composition and this has then been edited together to create a Virtual Choir. The result really is amazing and shows that sometimes, a connected and joined up world can create something truly beautiful.

Here is the finished result but please, view the TED talk first as it just makes the whole experience more special


A Day Made of Glass

Every now and then, some IT company releases a video showing their view of the future. Quite often these involve displays embedded in mirrors or work surfaces.

So this video is a little different at it is made my Corning who make glass and ceramics. In other words, the very material that underpins all the display technologies.

Now when these videos first started being churned out a few years ago, we marvelled at how cool the future looked. Today however many of these technologies exist and whilst still too expensive for mainstream use like the video shows, it can only be a matter of time before prices fall and we are all speaking to granny via our kitchen worktop.


Is the Internet something we watch or is it something we read?

Maybe this is me not moving with the times but I have noticed more and more that the Internet is changing from something I read to something I watch and I am not convinced I like it.

So I was reading this blog post the other day where K.B talks about the apparent dumbing down of news broadcast. The main point being around how many news websites actually decide to use video rather than text to get that message across but how often those videos are preceded by advertisements that you simply can’t ignore.

To quote

Is this part of the dumbing down of America? People who can’t read (or are too lazy) and need the news read to them?

So this got me thinking about the way I use the internet and how this sort of change is affecting me and I have to agree with a lot of the points made however I think it is more than just news broadcasters.

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