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Map Microsoft SkyDrive as a network share in Windows 7

Bad News:

The below information no longer works. At some point Microsoft have made changes that have broken things.

The good news however is that in the last few days, Microsoft have given SkyDrive a bit of an overhaul and now have a pretty nice desktop client that presents your SkyDrive as a folder on your Windows PC or Mac. There are even clients for iPad and iPhone.

Just head over to https://apps.live.com/skydrive and follow the instructions

I have left the post below for reference.



SkyDrive from Microsoft gives you 25GB of free online storage. Unlike Google Docs however there are not the same limitations on file types etc and you can only have to access it via the SkyDrive website.

Mike Plate however has just published full details on how to map SkyDrive as a network folder (via WebDAV) under Windows 7 and it works a treat (although it is very slow)


So click here for Mikes step by step instructions.

Now I am guessing that as this uses WebDAV, in theory you should be able to do this under other operating systems but I will let you guys try that one out for yourselves.

Gone 7

Looking back through the posts on my blog about 18 months ago, the whole Vista saga was interesting to say the least.

I had a nice new quad core desktop machine that ran 64 bit Vista like a dream

I have a nice new (ish) Dell laptop that refused to run Vista no matter what you did to it to the point that I downgraded back to Windows XP and became happy again.

But a few months ago now, Windows 7 came onto the scene and as soon as the final RTM release was available on TechNet, I went ahead and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit onto my desktop PC.

And it was very very quick and it was very very stable and I was more than a little impressed.

Everything just worked!

So after a few weeks, Windows 7 Professional 32bit was introduced to my Samsung NC20 Netbook. And it was quick, and it was stable and it just worked.

So by now I was getting brave with this new 7 thing so decided to give the Dell laptop another go!

So armed with a copy of Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit and a spare HDD (just in case I needed to roll back) I inserted the DVD. In less than an hour I had a fully working Windows 7 machine with every single bit of hardware working except one.

My HP LaserJet 1018 printer!

Now I need to take a moment here to call out HP and their approach to drivers.

So I have known that Windows 7 has been in the pipeline for some time now and pre release and beta versions have been available to me and HP during this period.

Yet if you go to the HP website, they tell me that drivers for most of their printers will be available by mid November. Now remember that Windows 7 was released to Microsoft business customers 3 months ago, this is a bit shoddy.

But when Vista came out it was the same story. HP were well behind the curve and I had to wait months to get drivers for my very new and expensive Color LaserJet.

But it’s not just Windows. When Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, I was left with 100 servers with no drivers. What servers? HP DL380 servers. That’s what.

So anyhow, back to 7.

So I am now a few weeks in and you know what? Everything just works. Nothing has needed rebooting yet. All my applications work. All my non HP hardware works. I am more than a little impressed. This is what Vista should have been!

Yes it’s a nicer place to be but there are plenty of other websites out there reviewing this new OS so I will let you read the reviews at your leisure but for now, the office has most certainly “gone 7” and is really enjoying it.