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So it’s been a busy few weeks but we are all done now but where to start?

Well our hall has been a wonderful shade of magnolia since the day we moved in. We have talked about having it this colour and that colour but with a 2 story high wall, 53 spindles to gloss and 12 doors, we have never managed to get round to it.

So eventually we have bitten the bullet, dipped into the savings account and decided to go for it.

So what to do.

Well as this is the room that gets the most traffic (all rooms run off it) we decided to put in a new floor as well. Always wanting hardwood but with a cat that like to scratch, we needed something else. The answer came in porcelain tiles that look like wood, feel like wood but cat proof.

Hall Floor

But what about all that magnolia?

We needed colour!

So for that big wall that runs from the top to the bottom of the house, I have seen enough DIY shows on the TV to know there was only one answer.

A feature wall!

Time to be brave. This is going to be a statement that we will have to live with for the next few years.

Feature Wall In Red


English Fire Red from Crown if you must know and lots and lots of it.

Feature Wall In Red

New Hall 019

All the other walls are a nice neutral hessian but together, now it’s done, the gamble has paid off.

It works and works well and as the light changes throughout the day, the whole feel of the room changes as with it.

New Hall 028

But there’s more to this because you may have noticed something a little special in these pictures.

Now it’s no secret I am a big fan of Peter Smith the artist. We already have a few of his pieces around the house including The Crying Game and Tails Of The Unexpected

Peter Smith - The Crying GamePeter Smith - Tails of the unexpected

But on the Friday before we were due to start on the hall, the brochure for Peter Smiths latest collection called “It’s A Stripe Thing” landed and I was smitten.

A quick call to a friend of a friend who happens to run an art gallery in Sheffield revealed not only that he had the picture in question in stock but that Peter Smith himself would be in the gallery on Sunday.

So off to Sheffield for the weekend.

Upon arrival at Castle Galleries in Meadowhall you could tell they were having a Peter Smith weekend.


Loads of great pictures including some fantastic water colours that I had never seen before but strong as the temptation was, there was one piece that just belonged in our new hall.

Peter Smith - No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home.

We got the chance to chat with Peter and he took us through the story behind the picture and explained to us how it linked with other images in this collection and also with paintings he has released in the past. Indeed you can read the full story HERE on Peters blog but the bit about this picture reads

‘No Place Like Home’ is about how a couple can transform a house into a home and as they do the clouds above clear and the home grows, becomes taller, a beacon for all and a sanctuary to retreat to where you will always know you are welcome. This couple are picking up the love as they return to their home, the heart acting like a lighthouse showing them the way.

Peter then “dedicated” our new picture on the back in his own unique way.

New Hall 011

Apparently that is Teresa, Sam and Me on the back. Fantastic. Certainly makes this picture very very special.

But now it was Sams turn armed with his autograph book.


Peter again gave him something really very special (do all artists carry a full compliment of markers in their back pocket at all times just in case). Sam had already been taken by the concept of a Stunt Bunny on the picture “Iceing With Death” so Sam got his very own Stunt Bunny.



As a final treat, we were also presented with an extra special limited edition print (again personally signed) limited only for those who bought a picture on the day

Keep Calm

So a fantastic day out and a chance to meet somebody whose work I admire very much indeed. Turns out he is a really nice guy with a real passion that can only be described as infectious.

So now the hall is complete and “No Place Like Home” is sitting slap bang in the middle of it all and every morning when I head out of my bedroom and down the stairs, it is there pride of place at the heart of our home.

Looks well doesn’t it?

New Hall 038

New Hall 040


Just in case you were wondering, they are called Impossimals