These are not my New Years resolutions

Regardless of how much this post looks like a New Years resolutions list, it isn’t. Lets get that clear.

But as we now find ourselves in January 2011 there are a number of things I want to do this year (and some things I want to avoid). After all, for the Roddis household, 2010 was a pretty good year all round but we need to build on that.

So what does my “notanewyearsresolution” list look like.

I want to travel more.

Pretty self explanatory really but not through work. I spend far too much time driving around the country so I want to do less of that. After all, Swindon is not one of the worlds great cultural centres is it?

But I do want to see more of the world I live in and ideally I want to do those journeys with Teresa and and especially Sam.

When I was growing up, the whole concept of travelling outside of the UK for leisure was not normal. Only rich people went abroad to “the continent” for their holidays so the furthest I got to go was Cornwall. Indeed I was an adult before I ever had the chance to fly anywhere.

So far Sam has been to France a number of times, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal and all over the UK. This can only be a good thing for him to experience the different cultures and people.

So more travel as a family to discover more places and see more things.

I have started the ball rolling by booking a trip to Prague in the spring so lets see what else we can do.

I will use my camera more

A couple of months ago I upgraded my camera. This did not come cheap.

This year my goal is to take my camera everywhere and take photos of everything.

Indeed combined with the first point above, rather than spend my weekends going shopping and washing the car, I need to get out and about more visiting places of interest that I can then take photos of.

I need to get more active

Just over a year ago, I went down with gout. It really really hurt.

This Christmas I was diagnosed with acutely high blood pressure and seriously high cholesterol.

I am fine (sort of) for now but I look at these as warning shots. I was 40 last year and I am hardly a prime example of healthy living. I put the fact I have lived this long down to the fact I keep out of draughts.

In any case, I need to get into shape.

So I have been here before and I have tried the gym thing and for a number of reasons, it just didn’t work for me.

Why am I unfit? Because my job means I sit on my backside all day at a desk.

I need to move more.

So this is what I will be doing. Cycling, walking (and I can combine this with the 2 points above) and anything else that just gets me more active.

I will work less

Yes really.

I work from home so it’s not uncommon to find myself still working at 7 o’clock in the evening (just another few minutes) or responding to emails at 11 in the evening.

On top of that, I actually ended up at the back end of last year with 14 days of annual leave that I had not taken.

This of course is not healthy so I need to get this balance right. After all, if I am better rested and less stressed, surely it follows that I will be better at my job?

I will have more fun

Quite often I get to the end of the weekend and think “god that was boring”.

Yesterday was a prime example.

We got up, went to the butchers, went to the farm shop, went to Tescos, got the car washed and then went home and had tea.

It doesn’t get any more hum drum than that. I mean if I find it boring, just think how dull Sam (who is eight) must find it!!!

So more fun is called for. Days out, more travel (see above), more fresh air (see all this stuff is linked in a fashion) and less shopping. I really do believe that wandering around shopping malls has become a national past time in this country. Whole families going to their local shopping mall not to buy stuff but rather simply for a day out.


A trip to Ikea does not constitute an exciting and fun packed day out for all the family even if it does include Swedish Meatballs for lunch.

I am sure Sam will like the sound of this one.

So that’s it for now.

Simple things I intend to do this year which should lead to better health, more enjoyment and more fun.

Now lets revisit this post in December and see what happened.