Vienna in 30 minutes

This year I have been on a number of trips abroad. Prague and Madrid in the Spring, Amsterdam and Charente (France) in the Summer, Brugge last month and now Vienna this week.

The problem is however that when I travel on business rather than pleasure, whilst I may have officially visited a place, I may not have actually seen it. In the case of Madrid my visit was limited to the airport and the conference centre next to the airport. It could just have easily been Milton Keynes but with sunshine.

So this week I have been to Vienna. Even though it was hovering around zero degrees, I took the time to wrap up warm and head out into the city to see what was there. From getting off the metro to getting back on again was less than 30 minutes which is clearly not enough time to experience Vienna but at least I can now say I have seen it.

Vienna is without doubt a very pretty city and hopefully somewhere I can return to at a later date to spend a bit longer than a lunch hour exploring. In the meantime, here are a handful photos I took in my 30 minute city tour.

As usual, all the photos from my trip (including the conference itself) can be found over in my online photo album here.


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