Well another year has passed and even though I am sure that the vision of the future included hover boards and flying cars, Santa isn’t bringing me any of these this year.

So what has changed in the last 12 months?

Often it hard to pick out those advances in technology that impact your day to day life because the don’t arrive with a big bang. The arrive bit by bit so that you think you have always done things in a certain way.

I mean 6 years ago, none of us were using Facebook or Twitter and now look.

But as I get to the end of 2012 I can’t help noticing that my life and my home is a lot more connected.

Take my living room as an example.

Suddenly that stack of AV kit in the corner of the room has an Ethernet switch connected to it. My Sky+ box has an internet connection, my Yamaha AV amplifier has an internet connection and of course there is an Apple TV in there which again is a connected device. We had none of these connections 12 months ago.

And of course all of that is controlled not by your common or garden remote control but by an app running on an iPad or an Android phone etc.


But not only is everything connected to the web, but more importantly everything is connected to everything else plus because all of this is connected to the web, I can access a lot of things from outside of the home.

Want to set something to record on BBC1 tomorrow night but find yourself halfway around the world? Not a problem. A few clicks on your phone and the recording is scheduled.

And it’s not just in the home.

My car is a rolling WiFi hotspot. My phone can connect to it to access the internet. Plus the satnav has it’s own data connection which it uses to connect to Google Earth to they display that satellite imagery onto the screen on the dashboard


Meanwhile my phone is talking to various back end servers and my PC on my desk and by iPad and loads of other things all at the same time.

I’m pretty sure that things were not this connected or as easy to get connected either this time 12 months ago. Add to that, a lot of things are going mobile.

You want to hope that the network carriers have got good plans in place to carry all this new mobile data.

Certainly we are moving towards a more connected world and a much more mobile world but so far, the world of the future still doesn’t have my flying car.