USA Holiday 2014 – Part Two – Zion & The Valley of Fire

After a few days in Vegas we had seen the sites and were itching to get out of the hot city and into the countryside so armed with a Ford Escape (Ford Kuga for you brits) from Avis, we headed East through the Nevada desert, into Arizona and then finally into Utah.

Once we cleared the desert and started climbing up through the mountains, every time you had recovered from one awe inspiring view, another appeared round the corner.

After a about 3 hours driving (we did stop for breakfast in Mesquite) we reached the Zion National Park and the views certainly stepped up a gear.

The park is closed to cars so you park in the entrance car park and a bus then takes you along the canyon floor and deep into the park itself. There are several stops so you can jump on and off to admire the view knowing that the next bus will be along in five minutes.

Towards the head of the canyon there were dozens of squirrels that whilst not tame were certainly not afraid of humans

As we left Zion, we stopped off for a late lunch at the Zion Pizza & Noodle Restaurant. Whilst the food was great, what will stick in the mind is the amazing view we had whilst we ate. Simply stunning

View from Zion Pizza & Noodle

But we hadn’t done yet.

On the way back into Las Vegas I wanted to reach the Valley of Fire State Park before the sun set for the evening. We only just made it but I’m sure the photos will explain why I wanted to beat the sunset.