USA Holiday 2014 – Part Four – San Francisco

Las Vegas done and we are on a Southwest Airline heading further West to the City By The Bay

I have been here before on business so had a rough idea of the lay of the land.

We stayed in the Intercontinental San Francisco which is a new hotel in the downtown area of the city. It proved to be well placed for the few days we were in town.

On our first evening we just wondered down to the waterfront and grabbed a bit to eat taking in some of the sights as we went.

We then retired for the night in need of a good nights sleep.

Unfortunately California had other ideas and at around 3:20am the area was hit by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake centred not too far away in Napa. Up on the 25th floor of our hotel things were certainly getting lively for the 20 seconds or so it rumbled on.


It certainly kept the local media busy the following morning.

So for our first full day, we booked ourselves onto an all day bus tour with Dylans Tours. This gave us a chance to put our feet up and let somebody else do the thinking for a change. As the tour only had 13 people on it, we were able to stop and explore and unlike some of the big bus tours, we did not feel like we were being herded around like sheep all day.

The tour started in downtown San Francisco before heading out through various suburbs up to Twin Peaks before heading back down into the city, down towards the waterfront by the Golden Gate Bridge and then over the bridge up to Muir National Monument to admire the giant redwoods. Another stop to admire the bridge on the way back before ending up back at the bottom of Lombard Street about 6 hours later. A brilliant tour with lots of information and local knowledge

Another good (and uninterrupted) nights sleep followed before we spent another full day taking in the sights including the waterfront (again), some cable cars (and the cable car museum), Chinatown and the seals on Pier 39

For our last night we took in a baseball game at AT&T Park. For the life of me I can’t work out how a game where not much seems to happen and where nobody seems capable of hitting a ball can last for over 3 hours but perhaps it’s an American thing. In any case it was a nice way to spend our final night in the USA.

And then we were on a plane heading home.

We had a great time exploring may different sides of the USA this summer. Wall to wall sunshine helped although arriving at a very wet Heathrow airport soon brought us back to reality.

The USA is a huge place and we know we have only just scraped the surface. Unfortunately it’s a long and expensive flight so it’s not somewhere you can visit every year however I am sure we will return soon.