The last days of summer – Wells Next The Sea

Summer 2014 is rapidly drawing to a close. In the evenings it’s getting dark sooner and the leaves are changing colour on the trees.

But it’s not winter yet and this weekend as a prime example has seen temperatures of 23 degrees.

So not one to miss such an opportunity, we decided a trip to the coast was called for but not the brash, loud Lincolnshire coast. Today we headed out to the North Norfolk coast and to the small town of Wells Next The Sea where life is a little more laid back and chilled.

The sun on our backs was warm and a light breeze really made the whole day rather nice especially as we stood eating fish and chips whilst watching the locals fish for crabs. Theres something about eating fish and chips at the seaside that makes them taste so much better.

So with a nice drive through the surrounding countryside and considering Wells is only 90 minutes drive from home, it’s a wonder we haven’t been here before.

Here are some photos for you enjoyment but if you get the chance, the North Norfolk coast is certainly worth visiting in person.