Are you organised where it really matters?

Two weeks ago I was doing an Azure training course 

Last week my wife and my 14 year old son almost found themselves without a father or at best a father paralysed from the shoulders down

After 4 hours of emergency surgery and many titanium pins and plates I am still here 

But this week I am learning again. 

This time I have to learn how to walk again (which is harder than it sounds). Suddenly something that was totally instinctive and automatic is something I have to think about.

As you can imagine, sitting on a hospital ward gives you lots of time to think about life and ponder.

I am lucky. I didn’t die and will walk again (in time) but one thing I did realise is that as a family we were not prepared. In the 10 minutes I had before going into theatre I has to rattle through passwords to computers, locations of important documents and other stuff my wife would need to know if I didn’t make it. I should have been spending my final moments telling her how much she means to me.

I pride myself on being super organised in the office but I had overlooked the important stuff.

So today, take 10 minutes out of your lunch break and just think about if you were run over by a bus on the way home tonight, how would your family find all the info they would need to carry on life without you.

Insurance docs, that email account folder where you keep all your utility bills, wifi passwords, Netflix account details etc etc

Today we keep all of this information online and secure it really well but can our partners get to it when it really matters? Take 10 minutes today to be sure that if the worse happens, life can carry on without you.